Web Design & Development

More and more people are booking their hotel stays online. As a hotel, this indicates a need for a strong site that serves as the primary source of information not only for hotel-related needs but also useful information on locations, festivals and anything that can provide them with a better experience when staying in your hotel.

Your customers are your most important and thus, Resilient Digital goes above and beyond in ensuring that your site is aesthetically easy on the eye. First impressions are the most imperative and as such, our team of designers will provide you with a site that is professional, personal and informative. Apart from that, we will also monitor the users’ click patterns so that any changes made are always made with their best interest in giving them a user-friendly experience while on your site and ultimately, making your business more profitable.

Web Build Details:

  • 20 Pages
  • Original Content
  • On-page SEO
  • Local Marketing Page Integration
  • Social Media Marketing Page Integration
  • Main Navigation Menu
  • SEO Footer Menu
  • Blog Integration
  • Contact Form Integration
  • Mobile version Integration
  • CMS functionality