Social Media Marketing is a must for any hotel as most people spend long periods of time on social media sites. Resilient Digital will not only create and maintain your hotel’s social media page but also ensure that it remains as rewarding and informative to your core target market with announcements of events, festivals and promotions.

Much like any other marketing campaign, consistency is key and the same applies when Resilient Digital manages your social media accounts with campaigns, information and design reflecting that of your brand personality and current campaign messages.

Page Management:

  • 1 Facebook App Installation
  • Facebook Cover Photo Design
  • Timeline Management
  • Permission Management
  • Twitter Cover Design
  • G+ Brand Creation/Optimization


Nothing helps your ranking more than having a strong social media presence behind your site. With the help of Resilient Digital, your social media presence will be established and optimized to further boost your social search ranking through credibility and as a source of online information.

Social Searches:

  • 250 Google Circles
  • Circles Groups
  • Circle Group Sharing
  • Adwords Integration
  • Social Share Synchronization
  • Business Name Optimization


As mentioned above, social media is an important tool to have in a marketer’s arsenal and it is only so if done correctly. Therefore, a certain sense of uniqueness can go a long way in helping your target audience to connect and share information with their peers through custom-designed badges, widgets and plug-ins.

Social Website Integration:

  • Personal Widgets
  • Social Badges
  • Share Button


Grabbing the attention of users to visit your site is important but it is more important to keep them coming back after the initial visit to your site. To achieve this, Resilient Digital will regularly update and manage your social media accounts to provide the latest news and information in a fresh and unique manner to engage them for a deeper connection with your brand.

Social Content Engagement:

  • 8 Facebook Posts & 4 Shares
  • 8 Twitter Tweets Unique
  • 8 Google+ Content & 4 Shares
  • Syndicated Articles