Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Many hotels fall short of their set objectives not because of inferior services but from the lack of online knowledge and tools for sales conversion.

This is where Resilient Digital’s Organic SEO Marketing comes in – to provide an in-depth assessment of what the website need and should have. This will in turn help determine and efficiently rank your website for what it should.

Website Audit:

  • 10 Pages Optimized
  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research


Today, a company’s website is the primary and first-hand experience a user will have with your company. Therefore, Resilient Digital aims to successfully optimize all the key aspects of your site. This includes off-page marketing efforts to optimize your website and all its targeted pages.

Website Optimization:

  • 10 Title Tag Optimization
  • 10 Description Optimization
  • 10 Keyword Optimization
  • 10 URL Rewrites
  • 3 Webpage Copywriting
  • 1 Directory Listing
  • SEO Road Map
  • Google Analytics Check
  • Google Webmaster Check


Consultancy is provided to help you, as the company, to fully understand the importance of achieving the best listings possible in the search results pages. Due to the dynamic information provided by listings such as these, your site will receive more clicks exponentially.

Rich Google Listings:

  • Authorship Mark Up


PR is important in showing your company is trustworthy, established and professional. These are what users will keep in mind whenever choosing a particular brand to patron therefore, Resilient Digital will develop and publish quality content to be published on highly authoritative websites and in the process help build back links, ranking and creating generally good PR.

Citation Building & Link Development:

  • 2 Magazine/News Placement
  • 20 Social Sharing Links


Word-of-mouth is an important tool to any company and Resilient Digital aims to capitalize on this quickly. Publishing of press releases, magazine features, social network sharing and video sharing will be taken upon with great detail and diligence.

Content Marketing:

  • 3 Magazine/News Placement
  • YouTube Videos
  • Products/Services Review
  • 2 Web 2.0 External Blog
  • 50 Social Bookmarks


With all businesses, results are what matters at the end of the day. Resilient Digital understands this and will provide up-to-date traffic information and search results rankings as part of our all en-compassing PDF reports to help you see how your website has been performing.

Reporting And Strategy:

  • Ranking & Traffic Report
  • Executive Summary