Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Being visible is paramount to a hotel, not only in the physical sense but also in the digital sense. As mentioned earlier, the digital landscape is becoming increasingly important to businesses especially for hotels. Local SEO Marketing will put your hotel’s site on the search engine map using high-quality on-page content to off-page local business SEO strategies.

Ranking for the right words are important but what is more important is to be doubly sure that your market are able to find you easily. As such, your local listings will be set up by us in top online business listing sites.

Local Business Setup:

  • Google+ Local Creation
  • Yahoo! Local Creation
  • Bing Local Creation
  • 5 Link Citation Development

Similar to the Citation Building & Link Development of our Organic SEO Marketing, the content on your site will be done in the interest of the user and also help generate great PR and authority for your site.

Citation Building & Link Development:

  • 1 Magazine/News Placement
  • 10 Social Sharing Links

Again, similar to our Organic SEO Marketing, word-of-mouth is heavily emphasized on with press releases, magazine features, social and video sharing an important aspect of the content on your site.

Content Marketing:

  • 1 Magazine/News Placement
  • YouTube Videos
  • Products/Services Review
  • 1 Web 2.0 External Blog
  • 40 Social Bookmarks
  • 2 Citation

After which, detailed PDF reports showing search results rankings and current traffic information will paint a picture of how your site has been faring online.

Reporting And Strategy:

  • Ranking & Traffic Report
  • Executive Summary